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There is a mutual fund for your every need

Smart Savings Account

Higher Returns (6.75% p.a to 8% p.a) than Bank Savings Account (3.5% p.a to 4% p.a)

Whether Rs.1,000 or Rs.1 Lakh, No minimum balance, Daily Returns.

If needed, withdraw anytime and, in select funds, also receive money in half an hour!!

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( Tip: Scroll below for some other interesting benefits of investing in Liquid Funds shared by our customers. )

SIPs (and Free Insurance Too!)

Buy a house? Plan a holiday? OR Simply Build Wealth?

Whatever the objective, set aside a disciplined monthly sum as per your budget and benefit from compounding returns. After all, paise se hi paisa banta hai!!

What’s more, invest through clickiRR in SIPs of select funds and also get a life cover!!

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(Tip: Use our calculator to find your monthly SIP amount OR how much you will accumulate based on your monthly SIP amount. )

Tax Saving / ELSS

Build wealth and Save Tax Too!!

These Equity Mutual Funds help you save upto Rs.50,000 in tax under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

They have LEAST lock-in period and SUPERIOR returns compared to other Tax Saving options like PPF, NSC, 5 year Bank FD.

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( Tip: Use our calculator to find out how much tax you can save. )

Debt Mutual Funds

These funds invest in Fixed Income Securities. They kind of give loan to Companies & Government and earn a Fixed Income.

Returns from these funds can be better forecasted and hence they are considered less risky than Equity Funds and can replace Fixed Deposits (FDs) as investments.

Commonly speaking, the Longer the tenure of a Loan, the riskier it gets. Hence, you should choose a fund with a tenure (known as Modified Duration) in line with your investment horizon and risk appetite.

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( Tip: Investments held for more than 3 years attract Long Term Capital Gain and beat FDs by a handsome margin. Even for less than 3 years, it offers better returns. )

Equity Mutual Funds

These funds invest in Shares of Companies and earn gains as their investments grow.

Historically, over a long term horizon, Equity funds have given superior, inflation beating returns and have the potential to continue doing better as the Indian Economy grows.

Based on the size, the companies in which Equity funds invest are categorised as Large Caps, Mid Caps and Small & Micro Caps. Choose the one matching your risk appetite and tenure.

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( Tip: Investing in Equities through Mutual Funds is better than direct investing if you are not a financial expert or are unable to devote focussed time. Mutual Fund investments are highly regulated, done by experts and reduce risk by spreading investments. )

Hybrid Mutual Funds

Debt Bhi, Equity Bhi!!
Hybrid Funds try to combine the best of both worlds.

You can choose them mainly for two reasons:

Safety of Debt Returns plus participation in Equity Returns.

Cushion of Debt and Taxation of Equity

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( Tip: Go for these funds if you want to mix and match to achieve medium to short-term objectives. For long term goals, pure equities work better. )


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