Clickirr is a brand owned by ClickIRR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ClickIRR, an online distributor of mutual funds, is conceptualised by Mr. Ajay Tiwari, who is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of experience.

Enriched with a decade long career as the Treasury Head of a listed company in Delhi, he found himself routinely helping friends, family and colleagues about Where to invest, Through whom to invest and How to track and analyse their investments.

Such experiences made him realise, how under serviced a mutual fund investor is, and if this is the situation in the Capital city of the Country where abundant resources chase the investors, what could be the situation of willing investors in smaller towns and cities. Realising this gap, he set up ClickIRR.

IRR or Internal Rate of Return is a measure of the returns of an investment and the acronym ClickIRR denotes the ability of an investor to have his portfolio IRR at the click of a button. ClickIRR helps the Investors to choose and invest in mutual fund schemes suiting their requirements, empowers them to monitor their investments at their convenience, irrespective of how small the investment size.

ClickIRR is a secure, online, paperless and user friendly platform, enabling more and more investors to get started quickly, and while doing so, reduce operational costs per investor and run a profitable business model based on volumes. WIN WIN FOR ALL!!